We are a non-profit organization making a difference for our Rochester local women who have been victims of sex trafficking, prostitution, abuse and addiction.

The extent of the national epidemic of sex trafficking, coercing young women into prostitution through drug and alcohol abuse, emotional abuse, and violence touches almost every American community. Large or small. Urban, suburban or rural. And right here in Rochester.

Brightstar Community is the only two-year residential home and program in the Rochester/Monroe County area for adult women affected by addiction and sexual exploitation to heal and find their true self.  By uncovering their true, authentic self, each woman can find the best career path, gain the dignity of being clean and sober, and become a positive, contributing member in the our community.

Our goal is to have our first safe home up and running by the end of 2018.  We need your donations to help renovate, furnish and grow our community of healing.