What We Do

Brightstar Community is a sister organization of the very successful Thistle Farms nonprofit which was founded in Nashville, TN, by Episcopal priest Becca Stevens over 20 years ago.  This program was designed to heal, empower, and employ women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. Becca’s program has been so successful, it has become a model and inspiration for similar recovery programs around the country, including Brightstar Community.

Our program focuses on four key elements to provide optimal care for our future residences and prepare them for their bright futures.


A two-year residential program based in Monroe County, NY that provides housing, medical care, therapy, education, and job training – free of charge for women looking to recover from their trauma. We partner with community organizations to provide complete care for the residents.

Social Enterprise

We create a social enterprise to help the women learn workforce skills to help support themselves for when they have graduated from the program.

Community Education

We work to educate the community about abuse and sex trafficking. We are dedicated to building awareness in order to prevent these issues from happening in our area.

Community Partnerships

We collaborate with local organizations to provide our residents with healthcare, education, therapy, networking and additional care.

Why our program works?

We believe when the women are in home-like surroundings where they can feel safe, they will be able to truly heal through the love and support of a community of peers and professionals. Given the space and time to focus on the work needed to truly recover, the residents will be able to learn to trust and feel the love that is there for them to nurture them as they unravel years of damage from trauma, abuse and neglect.

We examine the core issues that these women face, many stemming from childhood trauma, to uncover and reset the beliefs that have set them on a path to self-destruction. A.C.E. study (Adverse Childhood Experiences) is used to determine the level of trauma and to create highly-effective, individualized plans of recovery.

Without the pressures of rent or bills to pay for the two years,the women are able to rebuild their lives and set their spirit free to become the powerful individuals they were truly meant to be.  All medical, vision, dental and mental health care expenses will be taken care of through partnerships in the community, volunteers and donations.  Educational and vocational training will allow them to reach their full potential, self-sufficient and proud of who they are and what they can do.

Brightstar Community exists without state or federal funding. All our funding comes through fundraising efforts, private and corporate donations and grants. It all happens with your help and your kindness. We believe that when the women can uncover their true, authentic self, they can find the best career path and gain the dignity of being clean and sober, becoming a positive, contributing member in the community.

To learn more about our national network visit Thistle Farms.