Who We Are

Sue Kirby

Board President / Executive Director

Sue offers boundless passion to everyone she meets and projects she has served. She has worked over 30 years in law offices and more recently for a NYS Senator.  Building on her passion to help others, Sue is now ready to make this her full-time mission. Sue, herself, having been sober for over 25 years, understands many of the challenges women encounter and wants to make the selfless difference in helping change one woman’s life at a time. Inspired by Becca Stevens at Thistle Farms in Nashville Tennessee, Sue is working on opening her first house in Rochester: “Lisa’s House”, named after her close childhood friend that passed away in September of 2016, Lisa Rainey Miles.  Lisa was a huge part of this mission and an incredible support and “cheerleader” for Brightstar Community!  She continues to shine down on this mission and is very much a part of all that we do!


Sue Kirby, Board President

Sallie Wilmot, Vice President

Carla Chiappetta, Secretary

Dawn Hampsey, Treasurer

Holly Barone, Board Member

Richard McDonald, Board Member

Elizabeth Horning, Board Member

Moses Robinson, Board Member

Kerri Manley, Board Member

Jacqui Stack, Board Member